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Tapes The Quality

- Aug 17, 2017 -

With the deepening of competition, China's tape enterprises through the survival of the fittest, industry concentration will continue to improve. At present, the slowdown or decline in macroeconomic growth at home and abroad led to the majority of tape manufacturers, especially small and medium enterprises to cut production or cut off, and further promote the industry within the weak weak, to accelerate integration, Tapes to promote industrial resources to the outstanding enterprises, Industry leader in market share and status. In addition, the downstream major customers are gradually building a stable supply chain, the various equipment and raw materials will only be included in the management system to the supplier procurement, downstream customers to strengthen the supply chain management, will provide excellent tape enterprises to provide a stable, Market space, Tapes promote industry differentiation, improve industry concentration.

We usually see the packaging of the packaging of the tape, usually we also called sealing tape, transparent adhesive tape and other transparent tape. Many customers in the purchase of sealing glue when there will be these questions.

 Many in the market or supermarket to buy the sealing tape bubble less reason, the length of 100 yards or less because the placement of a long time so the bubble will automatically disappear, you can see from the outside transparent part Inside the paper tube. The longer the tape, the longer it will be, Tapes the longer it will become transparent.

Of course, there is a tape produced by imported machinery, will be discharged from the production after the rewinding of the air, the tape is also produced by the full transparency, but the cost will increase a lot. But the domestic packaging are generally used in packaging tape do not have to ask, because the bubble in the tape will not affect the quality of the tape, such as tension and so on have nothing to do with the bubble, Tapes so the manufacturers do not have to worry about this issue can be used with confidence, Manufacturers have just produced the sealing glue is a bubble, placed for some time after the bubble will automatically disappear, the longer the placement, the higher the transparency of the tape.

On the one hand, it can be used for municipal engineering, subway tunnel structure of the construction of sealed waterproofing, can also be used for new construction of the roof waterproof, underground waterproof, structural construction of the waterproofing. On the other hand, it can also be used for waterproofing in the interface, the head of the parts and special-shaped parts of the different materials bonded to each other waterproofing, and civilian residential doors, windows of airtight water treatment, ventilation pipe airtight Waterproofing, building decoration, etc. can also be applied.

Sealing tape is more suitable for sealing the shipment of goods, containers, etc., and today the tape manufacturers will come to tell us about its application characteristics is:

It has a moment of adhesive effect, only need to use a small pressure can be a good stick, and sealing tape is easy to tear from the tape above, there will be no tape stretching phenomenon, you can also control the start. The sealing tape is so flexible and does not leave thick deposits at the edges. Its smoothness does not irritate the hand. It does not have adhesive after tearing, with good resistance to cracking, Crack, anti-retraction, and so on.

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