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Foam Tapes High Performance

- Aug 17, 2017 -

With the arrival of the summer heat, foam tapes the temperature is high, but the market but some customers on the bubble double-sided adhesive tape began to complain, which is why?

First of all, the complaint of this part of the customer is certainly need to use the foam double-sided adhesive to hang, the sponge tape requires a higher customer, foam tapes usually in the building decoration, advertising decoration, aluminum-plastic panel decoration and so on. If it is stationery packaging and other purposes, do not need to hang weight, feel as long as there is a sticky can not use the complaint.

The market production of foam tape manufacturers are more:

A class of manufacturers glue raw materials used more licensing materials, foam tapes glue sticky to do are relatively low, but there are sticky. In the winter there is a certain sticky, but to the summer temperature rise, sticky will be reduced, the customer can not meet the requirements of high. foam tapes This foam tape is generally suitable for general purpose applications such as stationery packaging.

The second category of manufacturers, glue raw materials used in Sinopec and other genuine materials, foam tapes foam tape, whether in winter or summer have a good sticky, not because of the summer temperature and keep sticky low, especially for architectural decoration, advertising decoration, etc. hanging the weight of.

Foam double-sided tape is a low-density PE foam as the substrate, single / double-sided coated high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive, composite silicon from the material, foam tapes is a kind of foam tape.

These three tapes are foam tapes, from the appearance is also very similar, then how to distinguish them? First of all can be distinguished from the degree of soft and hard, foam tape is the most soft, followed by PE foam, EVA foam is relatively hard; the other can be identified from the sticky, foam tape is the most sticky, and no matter sticky What will be opened after the residual glue, and EVA, PE foam tape is not residual glue or residual glue less

The tape forms the main form of pressure-sensitive adhesive, foam tapes and some of the major applications include air conditioning duct sealing, support, bonding or connection.

The molded foam sealing material comprises foamed pieces which are cut into various sizes, coated with pressure sensitive adhesive or impregnated with asphalt or polybutadiene. These materials have closed-cell foam sealing properties, but are not closed-cell or compression-limited closed-cell foams with good compression / recovery properties of the sponge and no more than 5% water absorption. And durability of more than 20 years. foam tapes Tape in the surface of the expansion of the role played a sealed and can also prevent air, foam tapes water vapor, dust into. Also sound insulation and vibration. Some commonly used high-quality sealing materials include the following.

① closed-cell PVC foam. Resilience quickly very consumption. Difficult to compress. The compression is limited to about 50%. Absolute compression is generated over a limited lifetime.

② rubber and PVC + closed-cell foam rubber. foam tapes It is difficult to compaction and it is difficult to mold and produce a limited number of compact sets. Table 16-5 shows the properties of porous molded foam bands.

③ Open-cell polyurethane foam. Easy to compress and fully recover. foam tapes Since the foam is open, it can not provide an effective seal. UV and ozone cause rapid deterioration.

④ saturated open polyurethane foam. It is important to identify the type of dipping agent. foam tapes Dosage is also very important. At the same time there are dispersions of the impregnant.

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