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Foam Sheets Insulation Performance

- Aug 17, 2017 -

Advantages of packaging foam board:

1. To protect the main structure of the building, foam sheets to extend the life of the building. As the external insulation is placed on the outside of the structure, reducing the temperature changes due to structural deformation caused by stress, and reduce harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet erosion of the structure.

2. Effective elimination of the "hot bridge" in the past, the use of internal insulation, "hot bridge" is difficult to avoid, and the external wall insulation to effectively prevent the heat bridge, to avoid condensation.

3. The wall of the tide temperature situation is improved, the general insulation required to set the steam layer, and the use of external insulation materials, the thermal performance of the material is much stronger than the main structure, in the wall within the general does not occur condensation phenomenon, The overall wall temperature is further enhanced by further enhancing the wall insulation performance.

4. conducive to maintaining stability at room temperature, the use of external wall insulation, due to the larger wall of the thermal storage capacity of the structural layer in the wall inside, foam sheets is conducive to room temperature stability. 5. Increase the use of housing area. Can avoid the secondary decoration on the insulation layer damage.

Full name extruded polystyrene foam board, foam sheets referred to as extruded board, also known as XPS board. X PS Extruded board of the main features of the extruded plate is a special process of continuous extrusion foam molding material, the surface of the formation of the dura mater evenly flat, the internal completely closed hole foam continuous uniform, into a honeycomb structure, High pressure, light weight, foam sheets non-absorbent, airtight, wear-resistant, non-degradable properties, compared with EPS polystyrene foam, its strength, insulation, water vapor permeability and other properties have greatly improved.

In the immersion conditions can still maintain its integrity of the insulation properties and compressive strength, especially for the application of the building insulation, foam sheets insulation, moisture treatment. Is today's construction industry inexpensive one of the construction materials.

(1) Unmatched thermal insulation properties of less than or equal to 0.028w / mk, far lower than other insulation materials, so with high thermal resistance, low linear expansion rate characteristics. Widely used in roof insulation systems, cold storage, inside and outside the wall insulation, the effect of unparalleled.

(2) a moisture-free moisture as a perfect thermal insulation materials, water absorption is an extremely important technical indicators, high water absorption will lead to poor insulation performance, foam sheets Dongrun Xing extruded board with a complete closed Hole structure, foam sheets the front and back sides of the board are no gaps, so that leakage, condensation and freezing / thawing cycle, etc. can not penetrate the moisture, it can effectively prevent the entry of water molecules, it can not make the plate aging, A long time its insulation layer will lose its role, and further cause the insulation layer to be renovated. XPS board closed-cell structure can effectively prevent the penetration of water molecules (including water vapor), even in the construction of mechanical damage, XPS board due to tightly tight honeycomb structure can effectively maintain the low water absorption function.

Due to effectively prevent the water molecules with no hydrophilic hydrophilic so almost no aging phenomenon, foam sheets almost with the building with the life.

(3) excellent and lasting insulation performance Low thermal conductivity is all the insulation materials to have the conditions, XPS board is made of polystyrene (PS) as raw materials, we all know, polystyrene itself is an excellent insulation material , foam sheets Coupled with the production of extrusion, close the closed cell honeycomb condenser more effectively prevent heat conduction.

(4) Unexpected compressive performance XPS extruded board is a lightweight high-strength sheet, the density of not more than 40kg per cubic case of compressive strength can be as high as 350KPa or more. Use in buildings can achieve good impact resistance.

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