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Tapes Of the research institutions

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Before the 20th century, 90 years ago, China's pressure-sensitive adhesive to emulsion-based acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive-based, technology is basically the introduction of the past decade, Tapes the emulsion pressure-sensitive adhesive is not significant development.

After the 1990s, solvent-based acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives began to enter the market for the production of double-sided tape, protective tape and labels. Its technology mainly comes from Taiwan, Japan and mainland China research institutions. Whether it is introduced or self-developed formula, Tapes most of them are cross-linked. Pressure-sensitive adhesive solvent-based rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive is mainly used for the production of PVC electrical tape, the formula to natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber-based elastomer, Tapes so far no much change.

At present, some powerful manufacturers have set up their own research institutions, began to high solid content of pressure-sensitive adhesive, Tapes hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive and radiation curing pressure-sensitive adhesive to study, to meet environmental requirements, saving energy and reduce costs.

First, the sealing tape should be stored in the warehouse, to avoid the sun, rain, Tapes prohibited with acid, alkali oil, organic solvent contact, keep clean and dry, is found from the equipment 1 meter, at room temperature 15 ℃ and 40 ℃.

Second, the sealing tape should be placed tape roll, not folded

Third, the use of sealing tape is the best cranes and beams with a smooth rope, to avoid damage with the edge, not out of spectrum processing, resulting in loose volume set.

Fourth, packing belt, specifications and specific conditions, according to the need to use a reasonable choice of type.

5, sealing tape, shall not be different varieties, different specifications, strength, layer cloth tape connection (match) used together. The packing belt is best used in hot vulcanized rubber, Tapes in order to improve the reliability and effectively maintain high strength.

Six, sealing tape and transmission roller diameter and minimum belt conveyor tape wheel diameter should be consistent with the relevant provisions. Flexible packaging tape to keep the roller, roller, Tapes tension is moderate.

Seven, Tapes sealing tape with baffle and cleaning equipment should be worn on tape.

Eight, sealing tape works well with the basic conditions that foreign matter can affect the eccentric tape. Tension difference, or even rupture.

Nine, sealing tape found in the use of packaging tape, Tapes tape early damage phenomenon, should promptly find out the reasons, maintenance, to avoid the occurrence of adverse consequences.

When using tape, Tapes you will find that the performance of the tape at different temperatures is very different, because the performance of the tape in different temperature environment will change.

When the temperature increases, Tapes the adhesive tape and foam will become soft, the bond strength will be reduced, but better paste.

When the temperature decreases, the tape will harden, the bond strength will rise but the patch will be worse.

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