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Tapes Easy to operate

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Commonly used medical tape, there are two kinds, one is hand-wiping medical tape, Tapes one is the need to cut with the scissors, the first, medical tape base for the pure wood pulp natural materials, non-toxic Irritating, with good breathability. Medical packet tape softness, Tapes easy to roll, easy to operate; for medical units used by enterprises sterilized cotton package cross-type package.

 The second is to tear the medical tape, mainly non-woven tape, spunlace cloth tape, elastic cloth tape and other classification, mainly for non-wound at the fixed. Tapes This type of medical tape is mainly composed of non-woven fabric (spunbond cloth, spunlace cloth, Tapes skin cloth), medical hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, medical release paper composition (imported 90g or 120g release paper). Medical tape has a breathable, paste firmly, low sensitization rate, the volume of smooth processing, the volume of moderate tension, optional strip coating and other fine features.

Medical tape is the main purpose of the production of plaster on the end of cloth, Tapes into the volume of medical tape, easy to cut their own, according to different parts need to adjust the size. But this kind of medical tape has a drawback, that is, can not prevent penetration, need to do their own hand plaster, the drug core anti-seepage treatment, in order to better use medical tape. Tapes General medical tape width can be negotiated with the manufacturers, according to their own requirements to determine the product width, easy to use.

1, no lacquered leather tape: kraft paper substrate without leaching film but directly sealed anti-sticking treatment, coated with high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive, decompression can be used after, Tapes with good holding force. Because of its surface can be arbitrarily altered, writing, it is also known as "can write kraft paper tape."

2, water-free folder fiber line kraft paper tape: to clamp fiber line reinforced kraft paper for the substrate, tensile strength, that is, Tapes that is used for special packaging, carton sealing.

3, self-adhesive white kraft paper tape: white kraft paper for the substrate to pressure-sensitive adhesive made of adhesive made of white leather adhesive tape for white packaging or food, cosmetics and other product packaging, export carton sealing.

4, hot melt adhesive tape: coated hot melt adhesive kraft paper tape, Tapes strong viscosity, suitable for ordinary sealing. Color: kraft paper color, white.

5, water glue kraft paper tape: emulsion-type acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive system to water as the medium, environmentally friendly and safe, Tapes does not pollute the environment, viscosity, retention are good.

6, oil and plastic kraft paper tape: PE Lining from the type of treatment, the Department of solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, good viscosity, Tapes holding strong sticky, sealing does not Alice does not rebound.

7, rubber-type leather tape: high-quality wood pulp paper as the substrate, coated with polyethylene and then by the type of treatment, Tapes the other side coated with high viscosity rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive made of good temperature and high holding Sticky force is known.

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