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foam tapes Has a good paste service

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Foam double-sided tape is a low-density PE foam as the substrate, foam tapes single / double-sided coated high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive, composite silicon from the material, is a kind of foam tape.

Has a good paste service, paste, foam tapes good temperature and weather resistance, the four seasons can be used, holding a strong sticky, long shelf life

How to distinguish between foam tape and EVA foam tape, PE foam tape: these three tapes are foam tape, looks from the appearance is also very similar, then how to distinguish them? First of all can be distinguished from the degree of soft and hard, foam tape is the most soft, followed by PE foam, EVA foam is relatively hard; foam tapes the other can be identified from the sticky, foam tape is the most sticky, and no matter sticky What will be opened after the residual glue, and EVA, PE foam tape is not residual glue or residual glue less

In daily life, we in order to fix some small parts or small pendant, usually use foam double-sided adhesive. Foam double-sided adhesive for our lives to provide a small convenience, foam tapes but sometimes we need to remove the foam double-sided adhesive printing

1, if attached to the wall, you can use a sharp thing to scratch a small angle, foam tapes and then hand down by the little horn that tear This method is more tired, but will not leave traces.

2, if attached to the plastic, foam tapes first with a towel dipped in hot water, the foam double-sided adhesive all wet, and then find a small angle slowly scraped.

3, if attached to the glass, you can try to use decontamination powder. Take some of the decontamination powder on the semi-wet cloth, wipe back and forth several times. If it is a hard mark, foam tapes you can first imprinted wet, and then decontamination powder.

4, first with warm water soaked cloth, and then wipe the traces of the location, foam tapes while wiping, the general spray detergent, one will be softened, it is easy to remove.

Regardless of the adhesive tape, the main material attached is a number of chemical organic or high molecular substances, you can use a similar compatibility principle to remove, for example, you can use 120 # gasoline wetting foam double-sided adhesive bonding site, a Will be wiped with a towel to remove, clean; Moreover, foam tapes if there is no gasoline, you can pour a little wine soaked with a towel also down, but the effect is slightly worse than gasoline;

Double-sided coated foam tape is made of polyacrylamide, polyethylene, neoprene, PVC and natural rubber foam on both sides of the substrate coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. foam tapes Their application in the construction market is limited to adhesive plaque, mirror, etc. Something like that.

One-sided coated foam tape is based on polyamide cool, PVC, foam tapes chloroprene rubber as the substrate foam or other foam coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. In the activities of the housing in the gasket, water stop, sound insulation and absorption of vibration applications. When used in a gasket, foam tapes it is possible to weaken noise and absorb vibration between the roof nail, foam tapes the heating tube and the vertical plate. The movable housing industry mainly uses single-sided coated tape around the window frame and the door. Of the application,foam tapes  with the felt, plastic and metal stretch and pipe gasket to compete.

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