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foam sheets Of the insulation function

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Foam board in our lives has played a very important role, and now the domestic incubator market mixed, and some businesses shoddy, with non-environmentally friendly materials made of incubator bad smell, foam sheets serious deformation, the existence of serious food Security risks. According to the insulation box material analysis of its advantages and disadvantages, incubator according to the material is divided into the following categories:

Foam incubator Bubble incubator: Use it to dress up food seriously affects our health. When the temperature reaches 65 ℃, disposable foam in the harmful substances will penetrate into the food, the human liver, kidney and central nervous system damage. Foam box is generally made of polyvinyl chloride plastic. foam sheets Generally used for cryogenic refrigerated transport.

Waterproof cloth type incubator Oxford cloth or nylon cloth made of insulation box with a lot of advantages, tough wear; configuration waterproof bottom, the bottom of non-slip, and so on. Independent insulation food store, equipped with compression system, food storage from extrusion. foam sheets Food warehouse inside the use of aluminum foil material, through the PE cotton insulation both cold insulation function. Environmental protection, direct contact with food.

Plastic incubator: plastic has been widely used in various fields of daily life, made of plastic products such as plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic bottles, etc. everywhere. foam sheets However, the current market of some plastic products used in the material under different temperature, humidity and other conditions may release toxic and hazardous substances (or even some carcinogenic substances), is not safe.

Metal material: metal box is the cargo unit container, foam sheets commodity storage and commodity circulation of one of the multi-functional equipment. Its shortcomings is too heavy, not removable, easy to scratch the edges and corners of the skin.

Foam board insulation material properties - traditionally, decorative materials and insulation materials are independent of each other, the user from different manufacturers to buy, by different units of construction. The insulation decorative board at the same time with the decoration and insulation of the dual function, foam sheets the user only one purchase, one installation, facade decoration and insulation can be completed. Function increased by 1 times the cost of a full reduction of more than 1 times.

Foam board insulation material performance: the same decorative effect, foam sheets the cost of insulation board only traditional aluminum and stone one-half.

Foam board insulation material performance - 100% mechanized; facade decoration and insulation system are 100% of the manual mode of operation, construction personnel and operating environment will be serious; affect the final quality. The insulation decorative panels to 100% of the mechanized mode of operation, foam sheets the complete elimination of the operating environment and the uncertainty of the workers, the final quality and stability of the final.

Foam board insulation material performance; 100% finished, paint and insulation systems are semi-finished products. Even if the selection of finished decorative materials (such as aluminum and stone), but also because of the semi-finished product insulation system, making the facade system had to "semi-finished".

Foam board insulation material features: insulation decorative plate not only to achieve the finished product, insulation finished product, and ultimately to achieve a finished one of the paint insulation, as well as one of the aluminum insulation and finished one of the finished product insulation, product quality and construction quality Provide the most powerful guarantee. Foam board insulation material performance --- 100% Applicability: whether it is in the cold northeast, foam sheets or hot South China, thermal insulation board energy efficiency can meet the national mandatory energy requirements; and insulation Decorative board surface layer of high weather resistance, more resistant to acid rain, salt spray and other attacks, which has a very wide range of applicability.

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