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foam sheets Bubble structure

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Polyethylene foam board is used to polystyrene resin supplemented by polymer in the heating and mixing at the same time, into the catalyst, and then extrusion extrusion out of the continuous closed-cell foam foam, foam sheets its internal independent of the closed bubble structure Is a kind of environment-friendly insulation material with high compression resistance, low water absorption, moisture-proof, foam sheets light-proof, light-weight, corrosion-resistant, super-aging (long-term use almost no aging), low thermal conductivity.

Extrusion board is widely used in wall insulation, flat concrete roof and steel roof insulation, low temperature storage floor, low temperature floor under the auxiliary heating pipe, foam sheets parking platform, airport runway, highway and other areas of moisture insulation, Expansion, is the construction industry inexpensive, excellent quality of the insulation, moisture-proof materials.

As far as possible the lower thermal conductivity is the goal of all insulation materials. foam sheets Extruded board is mainly made of polystyrene as raw material, and polystyrene was originally a very good low thermal conductivity of raw materials, and then supplemented by extrusion extrusion, foam sheets tight honeycomb structure is more effective to prevent the heat conduction, Coefficient of 0.028 / mk, foam sheets with high thermal resistance, low linear expansion rate characteristics. Thermal conductivity is much lower than other insulation materials. Such as EPS board, foam polyurethane, insulation mortar, perlite and so on

Extruded plate has a tight closed-cell structure, polystyrene molecular structure itself does not absorb water, the front and back of the plate are no gaps, so the water absorption is very low, foam sheets moisture and impermeability excellent performance.

General hard foam insulation materials used after a few years after the aging, resulting in water absorption caused by performance degradation. The extruded board with excellent anti-corrosion, anti-aging, insulation, high water vapor pressure, can still maintain its excellent performance, foam sheets the service life of up to 30-40 years.

In the construction of sheet metal, according to product status of polyurethane sheet can be divided into ordinary polyurethane sheet, composite polyurethane sheet and other types; foam sheets in accordance with the foam molding process can be divided into continuous sheet and intermittent sheet.

The intermittent sheet requires that the foam material be filled with a relatively thin, foam sheets large volume cavity in a relatively short period of time, requiring the foam system to have excellent activity, the sheet has a good density distribution and excellent dimensional stability; Plate material is required to foam parameters and production line speed with the appropriate coordination, the latter has excellent mold release and so on. foam sheets In view of the above specific requirements, we use special polyether materials, foam sheets with the preferred catalytic system, were developed for a variety of production line of the foam system, in some well-known domestic enterprises to use the production line.

Polyurethane rigid foam on steel, foam sheets aluminum, stainless steel and other metals, wood, concrete, asbestos, asphalt, paper and polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastic materials have a good bond strength. The size of the bond between the foam and the face material directly affects the practical effect of the composite sheet.

 Polyurethane foam with high porosity, foam sheets thermal conductivity is very low, so the polyurethane foam in the current building materials to do the best thermal performance. foam sheets Data show that the use of polyurethane sandwich panels can be compared to the insulation of the outer wall to save 60% of the operating costs of heat to steel and rigid polyurethane foam compound, for example, composite sheet thermal conductivity.

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