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electrical tape Of the insulation function

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Electrical tape, a very broad term, in a lot of time procurement staff to hear the technical staff said that the need to purchase electrical tape when the disapproval, but found in the actual procurement, electrical tape a wide range of electrical tape, according to the use of different functions, There are different electrical tape to choose from today's small series to introduce Suzhou with the production of three major electrical tape.

1. Ordinary PVC tape, generally suitable for 1kv low pressure below the simple insulation, tape thickness is very thin, the width of 15mm or so, the length of 3m, the thickness of only about 0.2mm, generally wrapped in the home low-voltage small wire joints, do simple insulation Protection, electrical tape and winding must be wrapped in multiple layers. Is characterized by this tape to buy more convenient, the hardware store on the market generally have this tape.

2. Composite heat shrinkable insulation tape, this insulating tape is relatively advanced, the use of the material heat retraction, generally used to protect the copper, repair cable, the side of the polyethylene substrate, while the heat Melt, can be melted after heating hot melt adhesive for paste at the same time because of thermal shrinkage, can be a good retraction, so that the role of hot melt adhesive seal waterproof, the thickness of 0.8mm thick corresponding to 1kv voltage, 1.0mm thick corresponding to 10kv voltage, electrical tape 1.4mm thick corresponding to 35kv voltage, the width is generally 25mm and 50mm, the price will be slightly more expensive than the PVC tape, electrical tape but for the value for money,

3. There is a look at the silicone self-adhesive tape, this product is relatively expensive, but its expensive, silica gel self-adhesive tape in the use of pvc tape is like the use of simple and composite insulation with insulation Function, it does not have to heat shrink, electrical tape only need to be wrapped in the need to place insulation in the protection, such as busbar overlap and other aspects of a unique natural advantage, because of its self-adhesive, in many places can not be heated silica gel Self-adhesive to replace the thermal insulation composite tape, electrical tape of course, his price will be much more expensive than the composite insulation.

Suzhou Tongjin has been to long-term interests as a criterion to the common progress for the faith. Just as Shun Feng Express, but it is a high quality service to win the recognition of the market, if you care about the quality, please respect its price, if you want is cheap, please accept it defects, electrical tape inexpensive never been a Marketing. From ancient times to the present is a price of goods.

First of all, starting from the appearance of this tape, a roll of good electrical tape, color should be uniform, cross-section should be smooth, no convex, and no glue overflow, because if there is glue overflow, that this tape glue has been aging , The use of this tape winding thread,electrical tape not how long will be released from their own, resulting in serious consequences of leakage.

Then, we can pull the tape, feel the tape peeled off the stripping force and glue the sticky, in general, the peel force of the tape can be moderate, too light, then bad winding wire, too heavy, then the workers difficult to pull Open and easy to pull the tape. Glue sticky to be stronger, but it is not the more sticky the better, electrical tape because the characteristics of the rubber, the glue surface to do rough to prove that the glue was so bad, very easy to stick to the glue.

Finally, we stretched the tape hard to double, look at the tape of the anti-white situation, if the color of the tape did not change or only a little bit of change, electrical tape that the tape did not add or add only a little bit of filler, If the color of the tape becomes very white, to prove that the manufacturer in order to reduce costs, in the PVC substrate to add a lot of filler, reducing the insulation properties of the tape.

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