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electrical tape Has a high dielectric strength

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Electrical tape is a good performance, economical and practical PVC insulation tape. It has good wear resistance, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance and resistance to environmental changes (including ultraviolet). Polyvinyl chloride tape with a high dielectric strength, from the shape of good, electrical tape less use can get better mechanical protection.

Used for lashing wires and cables for indoor or outdoor main insulation for all wires and cable connectors for voltage levels below 600V. For use in repairing high-voltage cable glands for 600V and below electrical insulated wire and cable.

When used, in a semi-overlapping way to wrap, electrical tape in order to wrap around the uniform and neat, should be sufficient to force. In the parallel connection, the tape should be wrapped around the end of the wire in the wire, and then fold back to leave a pad to prevent chisel wear. In the last layer of the package, can not be stretched to prevent the flag.

Then the electrical tape according to the standard wire color: A line yellow on the yellow electrical tape, B line green on the green electrical tape, C line red on the red electrical tape, N line blue on the blue electrical tape, PE line yellow green or black Yellow green electrical tape.

Electrical tape full name for the PVC insulation adhesive tape, it was called electrical insulation tape or insulation tape. The electrical tape is suitable for the insulation of various resistance parts.

Electrical tape material, from the name can be divided into several common: one is pvc electrical tape, one high-pressure self-adhesive tape, one is black rubber; special is pe high temperature tape, electrical tape glass fiber tape, cloth tape, etc. , Where the focus and we share the general electrical tape: three categories, from their differences in the side to understand the material of electrical tape. Pvc electrical tape is the pressure-sensitive adhesive evenly coated on the PVC film made of high-pressure self-adhesive tape is made of rubber, oil, calcium powder and other components from the delay; black cloth is made of cloth, asphalt and other components made of calendering. Two tolerance temperature is different: electrical tape temperature is generally 80-105 degrees, electrical tape high pressure self-adhesive tape temperature is generally 80 degrees high up to 150 degrees; black tape is generally used in low temperature environment three use: electrical tape: specifically refers to Electrician used to prevent leakage, from the insulation of the tape. Has a good insulation withstand voltage 600v the following, flame retardant, weather and other characteristics, for wire connection, electrical insulation protection, electrical tape etc. Applicable to all kinds of resistance parts insulation All kinds of electrical and electronic parts insulation protection can also be used in industrial process Bundling, fixing, laping, repairing, sealing, protecting the high pressure self-reliance, such as electric wire joint winding, insulation damage repair, transformer, motor, capacitor, electrical tape Adhesive tape is: the tape stretched 200% to take half of the winding, in its outer layer and then wrapped pvc electrical tape, do the protection, the best effect: role: insulation, waterproof, sealed, high pressure is usually 10kv- -35kv Glue for the substrate, with a good self-adhesive, wrapped after the insulating layer into one, sealing and other characteristics. Mainly used for wire and cable connector insulation seal waterproof, can also be used for pipeline protection, electrical tape repair, sealing and other black cloth is: Commonly used in wire and cable connector insulation protection. Mainly used for general wire and cable insulation protection, can also be used to fixed bundles, etc., is now usually replaced by pvc electrical tape. electrical tape Usually black tape used in the room temperature -10 degrees to 30 degrees Can not be sun exposure, that is to say outside the black tape and then wrapped a layer of pvc electrical tape more secure. Four different colors: electrical tape with red, yellow, blue, electrical tape green, black, white, yellow and green and other colors; High-pressure self-adhesive tape is: In addition to different voltage and pressure, different width, rubber composition, calcium powder, etc., electrical tape the color is black. Black cloth is: in addition to cotton, fine cloth, coarse cloth and other different quality, Colour: Black.

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