OEM EPDM Foam Rubber Spacers Gaskets Sealing

OEM EPDM Foam Rubber Spacers Gaskets Sealing

OEM EPDM foam rubber spacers gaskets sealing

Product Details

OEM EPDM foam rubber spacers gaskets sealing

Gaskets from LITE can be made from a variety of quality materials including EPDM foam gaskets, Neoprene foam gaskets, EVA foam gaskets, PU foam gaskets, silicone foam gaskets, PE Foam gaskets, PORON gaskets, PTFE gaskets, , Klingersil gaskets, Rubber gaskets and more. LITE supply OEM EPDM foam rubber spacers gaskets. It has very good sealing.

A gasket is a mechanical seal that fills a space between two surfaces or objects. Gaskets are generally used to prevent leakages between those two or more surfaces be it air or a liquid.

EPDM foam gaskets can be made from a wide variety of quality grades and densities of EPDM foam to suit your requirements and applications.


What LITE can do

1. Supply specialist gaskets as per specialist features, including high temperature functions, waterproof sealing properties, jointing requirements or heavy impact resilience

2. Basic Design of gaskets as per drawings, including simple rounds and squares to complicated profiles with many slits, slots, cut-outs and holes to allow for complex components.

3. Backed with self-adhesive.

Our service

1. Whether it’s any gaskets you need to seal against oil, for a construction project, or for sealing in heat in a double glazing application, LITE can supply different materials gaskets to meet your requirements.

2. Quick Feedback   Fast Delivery   High Quality   Reasonable Price   Strong Technical Support


  1.  Automotive, electronic, glazing and construction trades

2. Weather strips, glazing seals, jointing expansion, anti-vibration and shock absorbers

3. Garden equipment industry, as well as solar panels and speaker liners.

4. Window seals and boot/bonnet seals and internal door furniture of cars

Our Factory

LITE is located in Changzhou, China and has an excellent design service team. LITE acquired certificate of IS09001, ISO14001 and SGS. Products have been exported to South and East of Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America and other regions. LITE will go on working hard and keep on satisfying all its customers both domestic and abroad with high quality products and satisfactory service.


Our Certifications


If you require a different type of material and can’t see it listed on this page, don’t worry – we’d be delighted to discuss your requirements personally, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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